Wildlife, French Island

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Abundant Wildlife

Set on the edge of 100 acres of private property and eucalypt forest,
wildlife abounds including Koalas, French Island supports the largest population of koalas in Victoria, and each year over 200 koalas are transferred to other reserves in parts of Victoria.

There is also a large population of the long-nosed potoroo; you will also see many echidnas up close and personal. Other species of wildlife include the
Eastern Barred Bandicoot, Sambar deer, lizards, frogs and other small marsupials, native mammals thrive here because there are no foxes.


French Island is visited by 238 of the 400 bird species observed in Victoria
Significant species on the island include: The majestic white-bellied sea eagle, and one of the rarest, most endangered wildlife species The Orange Bellied Parrot,
also you will find king quail, pelicans, wedge tailed eagles, kookaburras, owls,
cape baron geese, black swans, king parrots, lorikeets, Ibis, swamp skink,
oyster catchers, shearwaters (“mutton birds”)
The surrounding waters are a sanctuary for waders such as herons, ibis and egrets, and the migratory eastern curlew can be seen pecking for treasures in the mudflats.